Pros And Cons Of Food To Order In A Restaurant

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What foods to order in a restaurant? “The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat can influence your life by 30 to 50 years”
-Deepak Chopra. Health is the most essential wealth, though it is volatile. The milieu we live in; the food we consume and our lifestyle affect our health enormously. Our lifestyle has now become a rat-race, and we no longer bother how it ruins us. Though the technology has been beneficial, it has made us lethargic and addictive. Just think how many of us would now employ the old methods of cooking, or accomplish the household chores? The recent flood was the best example, as the drained mobile battery due to power cut paralyzed most of us. Technologies have their pros and cons; it’s up to us to use it to benefit rather than making us sluggish and leading to obesity. “Life is short and let’s enjoy it to the full.” Most of us are die hard fan of this saying and I’m one among them. I am a foodie, and used to munch on everything and soon I turned out to be pudgy. It not only had great effect on my health but, I also used to feel fatigued to even walk up stairs. I had to work hard for nearly one month, following a proper diet and regular exercise to cut on that extra kg. I agree that life is short and we ought to enjoy it to the fullest, but is eating the only way? Why should I follow a healthy diet? The IT companies and their lifestyle are the vital cause of death leading to obesity and other issues. The attractive salary and perks

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