Pros And Cons Of Forbidden Books In Fahrenheit 451

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The book is about a dystopia society in the future. To read forbidden books are not prohibited because the state said so. It is a very evil society there they think books are dangerous for the society. Fire-fighters trying to find books to burn them, with the help from a robotic dog and humans betraying each other. All the time you hear the sound from military aircraft and that makes it feel like war is coming. The main character is called Guy Montag and he had been a fireman for 10 years. Montag escapes after a while. He met a professor how told him of a future in which people could think. He met some old men that are in the same situation as Montag and on the run. They all remember masterpeaces that are written a long time ago. The war…show more content…
The State did not want that the people should have any own opinions. Books became shorter and newspapers had just a couple of pages. The people look more at TV that only had a happy end. School time got shorter, discipline got worse. Important subjects in school where taken away. Old books got burn and the state ruled people thoughts. Evil stated to develop and it created fear. The citizens followed the leader and dystopia was created. The decision to leave society If he decides to leave the society he will have the opportunity to learn from the books and develop a new way of thinking. He might also start trusting people and develop strong friendships. Why is the Novel dystopia? The Novel is a Dystopia because people are afraid of the government and it results in that people fear to think for themselves. “They took him screaming off to the asylum. Any man’s insane who think he can fool the government and us (page 33)”. Not only are the people afraid of the government, they are also afraid of each other. “Can’t trust people that’s the dirty part you and I and who else will set the fires?” (page 86). That is one of the reasons why there are never any rebellion in a dystopia
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