Pros And Cons Of Forensic Dna

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Forensic dna has bad unfair effects on society, that falls into social justice, framing innocent people. Dna forensics can help solve crimes and put unlawful people and criminals to jail, but can also be used to frame people/mistake dna into incriminating innocent people.
Forensic dna is a science that uses genetic material in criminal investigation/crime scenes to help solve and profile crime scenes. Scientist can use a single strand of hair, fingerprint, or nail to solve who was at the scene. DNA can be used as evidence to charge and imprison people.
There are many pros to forensic dna like solving crimes and finding criminals. But Forensic dna also has many cons too like how dna can be tampered with and can falsely incriminate innocent people. Dna being used to throw the track off of criminals and nowadays be used to forge another person’s fingerprint on to a weapon of a sort and left behind to falsely accuse an innocent person so now Dna is not reliable all the time. Dna that has been planted onto a crime scene will incriminate innocent people and this will result in the falsely accusing/charging of innocent people for a sentence and charge they did not do and should not have to serve time for.
This is a serious topic, people lives can be ruined if they’re at a place at the wrong time. Dna is taken more seriously over word too, like if a witness says something that contradicts dna “evidence”, dna evidence would automatically win over a witness’s word. While Dna may
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