Pros And Cons Of 4 Day School Week

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When we think of schools around the world that are changing from a traditional five day school week to a four-day school we think “okay why not” but there are actually both pros and cons about having a four day school week. Faced with unstable fuel and energy prices and rising education costs, school districts across the nation are considering ways in which to reduce their money and increase use of limited resources. Leadership is one of the main things students need work on when having a four day school week. Also, professional development for teachers is a big thing for a four day school week. The lack of revenue causes schools to look at ways to reduce money such as a four day school week.
The four day school week has been suggested as one of the many solutions to address budget shortfalls. “The four day school week can look different from state to state and even district to
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Cutting costs may be the main reason schools move to a four day school week, but this cannot be the only benefit. Student achievement is always a concern especially at a time when accountability is at an all-time high. Student achievement seems to increase or at least be maintained in a four day school week calendar. To increase or at least maintain student achievement, however, teachers must engage the students. Some research supports that student engagement can be maintained in longer class periods if teachers change their instructional practices. “In a study done by Sagness and Salzman, the majority of the teachers reported they used a greater variety of learning activities and students participating more actively in learning when class time was extended”.(Johnson ) The increase in different learning activities help break up the longer class times; thus keeping the student's attention. But if teachers do not address the need to change instruction, extended time in class will not benefit students if improving the quality of that time is
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