The Pros And Cons Of Fracking

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Computers. Phones. Cars. Televisions. Inventions that could be viewed positively, but at the same time negatively. As the world grows and develops each and every day, many creations, both beneficial and harmful, are generated. One creation that stands out in a pool of many is fracking. Fracking is a method that involves drilling into the Earth using water at high pressure in order to extract natural gases. Water and sand are inserted into the shale formations at high pressures in order to make cracks in the shale that helps recover natural gases from below the Earth’s surface. Despite the fact that it does some benefit for the economy, fracking should be abolished as it causes health risks due to pollution, over consumes resources, and causes controversy over both human and animal habitats. Fracking causes pollution, and in this manner…show more content…
Fracking is a procedure in which workers bore deep into the ground to extract natural gases by blasting water into the fractures and breaks in the Earth. This may harm and pollute the water that is underground, as it mixes with the various chemicals used for fracking. A documentary on fracking made by the movie producer Josh Fox showed residents near fracking wells igniting their tap water with matches. The water from the tap contained methane, which is the main component for natural gas and researchers from Duke University had discovered higher levels of methane in groundwater near shale gas wells (Kowalski, 32). It is conceivable to reason that the natural gas had leaked out amid the process of fracking, and mixed into the groundwater. This pollutes the groundwater and puts the health of everyone that uses the groundwater into risk, as consuming too much

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