Pros And Cons Of Frankenstein

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The conclusion of my essay is that the only way to disperse such norms in the society is to start taking the step from our selves because it’s us who makes the society and every single individual is counted as a member of a society. The myths and norms about these beauty notions were never there but only the people chained the whole society in filth, hatred, disgust, rejection, oppression, refusal, cruelty and brutality that murdered thousands souls like Frankenstein. There is nothing as such beautiful but only the thinking makes it so. Outer beauty surely attracts but inner beauty captivates. The way a society or a person look towards a perspective it is certainly molded in that thought. The first step should be taken ahead by those parents who disown their children because of any disabilities. Such cases are rare but hurtful. Society must have a broader mindset towards such individuals because no one is born a monster so they need to look in the hearts of such individuals rather than the physical manifestations because the more such individual are deprived of a quality the more they need love.
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