Pros And Cons Of Free College

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Opponents of free college tuition claim that if students want to go to a university they can search for a scholarship. Maybe free education could give us more students in universities. But, it would be just like high school again. People who were bad and screw around in high school will be bad and they will do the same. They will negatively affect students who really want to study and work hard. Some students in high school who care more about going to the university and they cannot wait to go there and be with people who work hard and take it seriously. Another reason why higher education should not be free is that students would not be able to handle the stress. Also they will drop out easier and this is wrong! Students will never work hard and they would mess around. They would also turn to their high school habits and not work hard as well as if they pay for their education. People will care less, why would you want college to be free? High school is free and no one cares about their education,…show more content…
So, if you believe that college should not be free because this would make students irresponsible and they would fool around as they do in high school and this is wrong. Because when college tuition becomes free there will be rules to make sure that the students work hard and take it seriously and handle the responsibilities. Free college would definitely help you in your life. It is mandatory for success. Yes some students do not take school seriously and that is why college should be free for students who do take school seriously. With free tuition there will be more students and they will be able to get the education they want. People do not seem to understand that not everyone is as rich or as wealthy as them! People should think more about poor people who cannot afford college tuition fees and what kind of education they can get with the small amounts of money they are
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