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There are over billions people around the world. They are different religions, nations, and position. Some are rich, middle, and poor. Poverty is a normal situation in some developing countries, such as Cambodia, but if you poor and ill, the situation will become worse, it is clear to shown that health is a basic source for living. Some countries have provided free health care for the nation but some are not. Free health care can encourage people to live more cheerful, yet it also impact to the country assets. This essay will illustrate the reasons why health care should not all free. Reports reveal that free health care has highly effect to the growth of the economy whether developing and developed countries. John A Boehner, house speaker of the United State has…show more content…
The government can provide free check up,but not include all health treatments. For example, in Cambodia the government can charge in charge 50 percent cost for lower incomer, such as, cyclo or motor-taxi driver, 70 percent cost for middle income(up from 150 USD to 250 USD per month). These people should have an inform card or letter from their work place or live district. This letter or card should has the expire date and must be always renew whenever you change your job or move your address. For those who are self-employed or salary over 250 USD must pay 100% medical fee but also can get free check up. This is a kind of equality rights and charges. All people can get free check up to check regularly and on the appointment time to prevent any serious disease and on the right period to cure. In conclusion, the examples above have justified the impact of free health care and give brief solution to the issue. Health is the top important foundation for everybody but sadly without money life seemed to be bumpy. There is no free meal in this world, you have it today, you might lose another day or another things in
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