Pros And Cons Of Fresh Water Desalination

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In the last few decades, water shortage has become a substantial issue for both developed and developing nations. With the increase in the global population and industrialization, the demands for fresh water have skyrocketed. Desalination is suggested as the most viable fresh water resource to solve the water crisis. This essay will evaluate the arguments both for and against dependence on desalination to obtain a supply of fresh water. These will be demonstrated by focusing on the environmental and socio-economic impacts.
There are a number of significant arguments in favour of desalination. Proponents argue that fresh water is a fundamental source for individuals. Caron (2010) points out that there are many regions in the world facing water
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Dolnicar & Shafec (2013) assert that only countries that have a strong economy can start to produce fresh water from desalination because it requires a great deal of money. Moreover, water shortages could be alleviated by economic methods. For example, water can be collected and stored by transmission grids linked to houses. Then, the waste water could be useful after recycling. It is widely known that fresh water must be available for everyone, and there are many methods available for obtaining this water. According to Elliot & Cosla (2009), desalination still consumes a natural source. On the other hand, water recycling and rain water tanks are more effective than desalination. Consequently desalination is the most costly approach and might damage the environment.
In conclusion, there are benefits and drawbacks to desalination. Despite the benefits, they are outweighed by the disadvantages due to the socio-economic and environmental aspects. Although proponents argue that desalination could solve the water crisis, critics claim that there are many alternative strategies that are more effective. In light of this, it is recommended that governments should shift to water recycling and rain water tanks to generate fresh water. Failure to implement this may lead to detrimental economic consequences for the

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