Pros And Cons Of Gang Violence

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Gangs are not good people to be around of they are very dangerous people. Gangs and gang violence should be stopped so no one can be harmed. Gang violence should be stopped because it affects businesses, schools, and the community’s.
Gang violence can affect businesses. People can be afraid to go to the business and go shopping because of gang violence. If gang violence is near a business, the business can lose all the customers that come in and shop. A business near gang violence would lead to crime in the business. Gangs would steal money from the business. Gangs would also steal items in the business. Business owners would know gang members would rob them. Gang members could try and put drugs at businesses and try to sell them. Gang violence can lead to the destruction of the business like breaking windows. Gang members would use graffiti to symbolize their territory (“How"). Businesses could lose money from repairing damages by gang members. Businesses could lose more money by paying for security around the business. Businesses could lose work hours because of gang violence they may have to close down early that could lead to loss of revenue. It would be hard to find employees because businesses want people that are good and not in gangs. Businesses would lose even more money if they were in a gang territory because they will not make a lot of money and other business that are not in gang territory would make more than a business in a gang territory ("How do Gangs").

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