Pros And Cons Of Gap Year

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Recently, a great deal of attention has been paid on the increase of popularity of gap year because there are a few people who choose to take a gap year which means delaying college while most people go straight to college. Therefore, there is a growing controversy over whether high school should delay college until they have a clear idea of their career goals. Some people state that high school students had better take a gap year to expand their horizons and to experience such a rare opportunity. They think it can definitely be beneficial to one’s personal growth because it helps them decide what they really want to do. However, there are some opponents who disagree with the above perspectives. They insist that it could be expensive and take time. In this essay, the arguments surrounding gap year will be examined carefully and stated why my standpoint is agree side. The first point to consider is the fact that taking a yearlong pause before entering college is beneficial to students’ growth. According to the survey conducted by American Gap Association National Alumni Survey (Nina, 2016), taking gap years may help students focus on college study and be more deliberate in college (p.17). Therefore, it leads them to be shorter times to graduation than others and are more likely to succeed in college. For instance, they graduated with the ability of leadership. It would be strengths for them to get their jobs and it also will be advantages during working in a company. While
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