Pros And Cons Of Gender Roles

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Gender roles can be defined as “the public image of being male or female that a person present to others ” (Gender Roles). The roles are assigned to both genders which are men and women in a society and church. Gender roles are associated with gender inequality. Gender inequality may be caused by the different roles of men and women. In Genesis 3, the man fell into sin. And, according to The Evangelical Feminist (Egalitarian ) view sin caused the inequality between man and woman (Allee). This is considered as a part of the curse of sin and unfortunately it impacts to the relationship between man and woman (Allee). Gender inequality causes discrimination of one gender and lowers their status. With a low status, some of the resources are not given or even prohibited by the culture itself. Gender inequality causes many disadvantages to genders, thus men and women must work to solve this problem in order to restore equality so that everyone gets their own rights.

Bible’s Perspective
The Bible explains what women and men’s role in this world either in the society or church, both in Old Testament and New Testament. In the beginning , God created man and woman in His own image so they can complete each other. Based on Genesis 1, God created man and woman so
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Many cultures adopt the gender inequality; which brings disadvantages to the race itself. For example, one of the cultures that adapt gender inequality is China. The Chinese preferred to have sons rather than daughters because they believe that the sons can carry the family name and prolong the generations. According to Brooks, the over number of male population in China causes the increase of population of men but lower population number to women. Thus, the number of men that doesn’t have a wife increases and can’t prolong generations. ”As a result, approximately 30 million more men than women will reach adulthood and enter China 's mating market by 2020”

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