Pros And Cons Of Gene Therapy

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Genetic technology is a huge benefit to human kind. There are many ways to use it such as cloning, Genetic technology is a huge benefit to humankind. It provides help in many different ways, such as cloning, designer babies, gm foods, gene therapy and stem cell use or research (Gene). From all of those ways genetic technology has helped, gene therapy is the one that has given the biggest advantage to humans in fighting diseases such as cancer.

Gene therapy is a way to fix a way to fix genetic problems at its origin. When adding a correct copy of the gene without the disease, to the gene with the disease it can recreate the infected tissues and organs in order to work properly again. This technique is a lot better than the traditional medication as it not only heals the symptoms but also the actual problem. To solve the problem, gene therapy uses a vector, this is usually a virus, which delivers the message to rebuild the protein molecules and ribonucleic acid. However, it cannot cure all the diseases (Gene therapy).

One of the things that gene therapy can cure is cancer, at least some of them. In general cancer is a type of cell division that is out of control and can invade other tissues. The cancer cells can then spread throughout the body through the body stream and the lymph system. There are over a 100 different types of cancer. For example there is leukemia, metastatic cancer, lung cancer and many more (Cancer). However, leukemia belongs to the worst types of cancers
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