Pros And Cons Of Genetic Modification

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Genetically modified animals involve the changing of the genetic information by adding or removing DNA sequences in an uncommon way that is not natural. Genetic modification aims to modify certain characteristics of animals and/or introduce new traits. Those traits include resistance of diseases and growth enhancement (Ormandy, Dale, & Griffin, 2011). Keyword(s): genetic modification What is Genetic Modification? Genetic modification is the manipulation of genes through gene isolation, modification of genes so that they function better, preparation of genes that are inserted into new species, and transgene development. Deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA, is the genetic information of any organism and carries the genetic instructions for all the characteristics that makes up that particular organism. Changes that occur in an animal’s genetic makeup can be passed along to the next generation of animals. Technology has been used in plants and microorganisms. There are numerous pros and cons when dealing with genetically modified animals (Ormandy, Dale, & Griffin, 2011). Pros of Genetic Modification Animals can be modified to…show more content…
The great argument of genetic modification is that the outcomes are unpredictable and the side effects are worse. First, genetic modification of animals is unethical. The FDA has yet to approve the consumption of genetically modified animals. It is simply stated that genetically modified animals should not be apart of the food chains. Genetically modified animals are carried out for human proteins and therapies. The ability to clone animals lead to deformities thus leading to animals dying while young. As mentioned above, genetic engineering is available for the use to create organs for humans. The process is very intriguing, however if the animal was to have a disease; the disease would transfer to the intended transplantee (Ethical
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