What´s Genetic Engineering Of Animals Ethical?

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Stephen Hawking once said ¨With genetic engineering, we will be able to increase the complexity of animal and human DNA and improve the human race. However it will be a slow process.¨ Animals are being modified around the globe for the benefit of humans. Some main animals that are getting tested range from farm animals to birds and guinea pigs. There are many benefits to modifying animals.Although there are risks for modifying animals, the modification can be helpful for humans and is good because it helps with production for products, proteins in foods, and the stock of farm animals. Some will argue that it is not ethical to modify animals; however, when humans modify animals it can be used for our benefit and it has been used for our advantage…show more content…
Also when modifying animals scientist take extreme caution to make sure that there animals are safe. This is important because modifying animals have been done in the past and the scientists that work on the animals have had no problem. Also the engineers that work on the animals are highly trained.“Ethical issues, including concerns for animal welfare, can arise at all stages in the generation and life span of an individual genetically engineered animal” (Gilly Griffin).This shows that when we overcome the problem of cloning animals modifying animals can be very useful. Some examples are that we can increase lifespan which would be very big. This suggest that when we want to clone animals it will be very good. Cloning animals can bring major benefits.Also it will raise number of extinct animals. Modifying animals is ethical and will have many benefits when it comes to helping us humans in the…show more content…
“Genetic modification can increase the yield from farm animals, for example cows can be engineered to produce more milk for the same size of herd.”(Is it ethical to genetically modify farm animals for agriculture?, Yourgenome).This shows that when humans modify animals we can produce more product.Also us humans can make more animals to useful animals.This is important because when modifying animals humans can learn more from just getting more proteins or more health benefits. You can also get medicine from animals.“Genetically modified farm animals are being used to produce important medicinal products, such as antibodies, in large quantities. These products can be used for the treatment of many different human conditions. The current production system for such products is donated human blood, which is in limited supply due to a lack of donors”(Is it ethical to genetically modify farm animals for agriculture?, Yourgenome).This means when we gather blood cells from genetically modified animals it can be better and sometime cleaner blood from us humans.Also if there is a person in need and there doner can't provided help a clean modified animal will be there. Genetically modifying animals holds many great advancements for humans like medicine and blood

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