Genetic Screening Persuasive Speech

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Genetic screening is the identification test of changes occurring in chromosomes, genes, or proteins that will help determine a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder. Through genetic screening, it is possible to acknowledge the presence of a disease in a person’s body even way before the symptoms are showing. This way, genetic screening allows people to acknowledge the disease they may have in advance, which can lead to prevention or early treatment in order to prevent the development of the particular disease. Regardless of the benefits, genetic screening is still considered controversial in the society, considering the concerns about ethical issues. Although the benefits gained from genetic screening that
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The first one, it may limit people’s choices. For example, if through genetic screening one is proven to have a hereditary cardiovascular disease, one must be wise enough to avoid doing everything that triggers heart attack. Thus, this may affect one’s social life greatly. It is possible that insurance companies will also charge people that is proven to have bigger tendency in suffering from a disease with bigger amount of money than the ones who are not. The certainty people get through genetic screening can also lead to discrimination in the society. When the privacy of the genetic information is not well preserved, the leak of information to people who have no rights to know may lead to the discrimination from the society to people with certain diseases. Discrimination can also occur when it comes to marriage; people who are certain to suffer from a disease, especially the hereditary ones, may have troubles in deciding whether or not to get married. This will also lead to the consideration of having offspring, as hereditary diseases are inherited from the parents to their offspring. Lastly, people who know the disease they have or will likely have may have anxiety, anger issue, as well as depression throughout their
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