Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Animals

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Some sciencetest may say genetically modifying will help solve food problems in the world. The process of genetically animals is that before the animal is born genes are swapped out with a different gene while the baby is still being born which can cause some effects in animal some bad and some good but the reality is that things never turn out how the were first attended to. animals But is the cost of genetically modified animals really worth the cost of the animals health and the environment safety. Genetically modifying can be cruel to animals. When genetically modified animals are first born in experiments they are usually put to death and cut open so that sciencetest could check and see if a change has accrued in the animal. One instance is that, “Before being born animals would be killed to check if more brain cells have been formed.” (Mott) Which is cruel to the animal for killing it after it was born just a moment ago. Another reason genetically modified animals is cruel is that during the experiments many animals can be born with birth defects which can leave the animal with body desforments. Also ¨a major concern in genetically modifying animals is called pleiotropism which causing birth defects in a gene.¨(Fox) which makes the animal more likely be prone to…show more content…
But in recent accounts in the past show that food from genetically modified animals is not that all safe to eat . “The death of dozens and the crippling of many more have been linked to food from genetically modified animals.” (nelson) Also another event has occurred when taco bell bell got a bad batch of eggs causing people to get sick. “A shipment of taco shells too taco Bell contained bad eggs resulting in hundreds of people to fall ill.” (Mott) Therefore if in the past genetically modified animals caused sickness too people then scientist need to stop focusing their research into
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