Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Genetically Modified Orgaisms Theresia Maria Mohasseb 20161834 Notre Dame University Outline Claim : Genetically Modified Organisms is an effective tool for the improvement of organisms Arguments: 1. Due to GMOs, suppliers are not facing obstacles in the agricultural sector. A. Genetic modification can protect crops against threats to strong yields. B. Farmers have planted the same transformed crop year after year in the same fields with the same herbicide application and now we have widespread resistance. C. Utilizing traditional selective breeding can take multiple growing seasons to develop and taste a new variety. D. Genetic engineering allows new traits to be developed much more quickly. E. Genetic modification…show more content…
These selectively bred organisms not only simplified the farming process but also ensured a great number of a healthy and resistant quantity. Before the use of GMOs, meaning selective breading, farmers faced many difficulties when it came to unexpected results, low quality crops, more expenses and more effort. According to The Lugar Center, a center established to propose solutions to global problems, genetic engineering has led to the development of new traits much more effectively and quickly. Furthermore since tradition selective breeding can take multiple growing seasons to develop in order to test new varieties, the new selective breeding technique is much more efficient. Genetic engineering is much more precise than conventional hybridization and so is less likely to produce unexpected results. Nowadays the market demands only excellent quality plants even though most of these goods will not be seen while being consumed (vegetables in soup). This trend forced farmers to apply genetic engineering on all crops. Since GMOs are now protected against threats to strong yields, they are now more resistant especially when it comes to having longer life and so on. According to Cornell University in the article “what is Agricultural Biotechnology?” An example for the effectiveness of GMOs are the Papayas that were hit with papaya ring spot virus which devastated the crops by 40 percentage reduction in only five years. Due to the genetic engineering, scientists developed two varieties of papayas that were completely resistant to the virus, and now these new papayas are growing in Hawaii. Klumper states that genetic modification technology has increased crop yields by 22 percent and farmer profits by 68 percent. GMOs have been widely used especially by the poorest

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