Pros And Cons Of Genie Wiley

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Psychology | 3.4 Genie Researchers can 't ethically create situations in which human babies are deprived of basic needs and attachments to learn about motor, physical, language, and social development. However, when circumstances create those terrible situations in the world, much can be learned by studying those involved. Using what you learned in this lesson and the videos on Genie Wiley, answer the questions below using complete sentences. What evidence from the Genie Wiley case supports both the nurture and the nature points of view regarding language development? (3 points) Genie Wiley’s case helps support both sides of the nurture vs nature debate. The fact that she learned to talk after more than 10 years of confinement helps support the nature side because proves that she has the ability to communicate in her genes. However, she spoke with broken grammar and sentences, which kids tend to outgrow around the ages of 5 to 9 or 10. This sides with the nurture side of things because it states that she never learned how to speak accurately grammar wise because she had a horrible upbringing. Identify at least two pros and two cons of the case study approach to research as applied to Genie. (3 points) Some pros of the Genie case was that it provided a great opportunity to answer the question of whether there is a critical period for learning how to communicate. It also provides support for those who believe solitary confinement should not be a punishment in jail. It has
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