Pros And Cons Of Gestational Crates

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About 5.9 million pigs are put in these torturous cages. Pigs are put in cages where they can not move around in, and all they do is lay down or stand. Gestational crates do not belong in factory farming and should be illegal to use. These crates are inhumane, abusive and harmful towards the pigs. Gestational crates do not belong in factory farming and should be illegal to use. The gestational crates that some farmers use are very abusive. The pigs get open wounds from them and can get sick. Due to the cages, the pigs tend to rub and bang against the cages, causing open wounds and sores that can easily get infected. Because the cages are so small and tight pigs have to lay in their own poop. Laying and smelling the feces all the time causes respiratory problems according to an HSUS investigator.(Humane Society of the US) This is obvious that this is not right, and is harmful.…show more content…
The living conditions are just completely unsanitary. Since the pigs can not move around they end up having to lay or stand in all the feces. It is just an awful place to live in, and unhealthy for them. This dirty and harmful environment also causes pigs to go almost insane. Staying in a super tight cage, crammed and covered in poop causes pigs to go crazy, and try and escape the cages. The pigs then try and get out, and end up hurting themselves. According to the farm sanctuary, the pigs chew on the cages and results lead to mouth sores. Scientist Dr. Temple Grandin says the crates have got to go, "We've got to treat animals right. … Confining an animal in a box in which [he or she] is not able to turn around does not provide a decent life." This is an awful environment for any animal to live in, it is very unhealthy and simply
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