Pros And Cons Of Getting Rid Of Zoos

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Why do people even argue about getting rid of zoos? There is no question about getting rid of zoos. I can remember when i went to the zoo for the first time, I learned so much about animals. Can you remember your first time? Is there any reason to shut down zoos? There is no sign of abuse to zoo animals.Zoos should be left open. Zoos can help endangered species population grow.There has been many problems with animals going extinct to were many places put laws down to help the animals recover. These laws still don't help because some people don't listen. What are we going to do to help the animals? The zoos keep many different animals, and take injured and endangered species in and help them. Many zoos have been working with animals more than anyone to help animals." No other university, conservation organization, or research facility has been working as long or as well as zoos.”Zoos have tried to help animals more than anyone else so why get rid of zoos. Zoos are…show more content…
Zoos can help us learn about animals and help endangered species grow in population. Without zoos how will we ever be able to get close to a wild animal and learn about their natural habitat? If a animal is about to go extinct then how could we help them while they are being hunted? A zoo is a great way to hold endangered species so they don’t go extinct, and you can adopt a animal and give the zoo money to help them.All of this show that zoos should not be closed. Many people may still disagree but they should agree because zoos can save a animals

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