Pros And Cons Of Globalization

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Globalization is not a new way of doing business. It has been around for years. It was not as big as it is now and you can certainly find information to support whatever your view is on the topic. It seems to always be a topic of the politicians hoping to win the votes of the people. It became a concern of mine when I learned about the treatment of the workers in the developing countries. I have no problem with companies manufacturing their goods in other countries. I do have a problem when those companies turn away and ignore the poor working conditions and the pathetic pay of the people that make these goods. I never looked beyond that at any other issues that people may have with globalized businesses. There are pros and cons to almost everything and international trade has its advantages and its disadvantages. Whenever someone decides to do something, they have decided that the benefits outweigh the cost. International trade can greatly increase the profits of a company. It is one thing to have a national brand but to have a global brand can take your company to the next level. Going international will certainly grow your business. The more the company grows the more valuable it becomes. You can see evidence of this if you watch the stock prices of a company that starts small and grows over time. The development of international relations can also open doors to do more business in other countries. There are a few drawbacks to international trade and
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