Pros And Cons Of Globalization

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Globalization is a continuously growing process by which the flow and unification of ideas, goods, materials, technologies, and people between countries are interconnected, a process maintained and powered by investments and information technology.
The historical existence and continuous persistence of Globalization has made it so difficult to actually define its future, therefore also not simply easy to say it is bad or good. But one thing is obvious it is inevitable
“Is Bad” or “Is Good”.
The overwhelming advantages of Globalization which however, twined with lots of critics specifically analyzed by various economist, results to some of the following to mention a few:
• Continuous growth of international trade and markets resulting to economic wealth of the participating countries and to be specific participating parties. Thanks to the advance improvement of technology which made transportation easy as cheap to use, commutations and its media is faster than ever and continuous to do so. You can imagine purchasing goods from China while in Spain, with just a button push of your smartphone.
• Economic integration and Liberalism which is an agreement made by participating governmental parties to reduce or remove trade barriers which therefor promotes economic integration between participating parties, regions or countries.
• Trade freedom and Investment empowerment whereby, due to the Economic integration and Liberalization freedom of trade is enhanced in multiple fold since

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