Pros And Cons Of Gold Mining

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From this study, we realize that Ghana has had a long standing history of gold production, dating back to the colonial era: The economy continues to be a dominant gold producer in Africa and the world. Further, gold production has contributed significantly towards the development of the economy of Ghana; providing the much needed foreign exchange earnings; as well as jobs and incomes for the citizenry. The librazilization of gold production in 1989 following the Economic Recovery Program (ERP) in 1983 allowed the operation of small scale gold mining. Small scale gold production has led to increase in gold production and export, however, liberalization, gold export and the existence of small scale
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Given the negative influences of mining on the environment, some scholars have recommended putting an end to mining. It is the recommendation of this study that the government, policy makers and stakeholders take steps to minimize the adverse effect of gold mining, with reference to this study; small scale gold mining. The following are recommended:

5.2.1 On the count of bottlenecks to obtaining licenses: The Small scale gold mining act stipulates that small scale gold mining is reserved for Ghanaian citizens, and as such, obtaining licenses should be made easier and accessible to prospective miners. The government can streamline the license acquiring process by setting up offices in district capitals and empowering them to grant appropriate mining licenses with minimal cost so as to allow the average Ghanaian to obtain a license to mine. Time for issuing licenses could also be avoided with effective decentralization of the process. Bribery and corruption in granting licenses should also be talked by establishing a complaint center and a toll-free helpline and cracking down on corrupt officials who exhort money from prospective
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Providing equal access to education beyond basic level for the less privileged will curb school dropouts and venturing into illegal gold mining with the hope of quick gains. For those who would like to undertake small-scale mining, the government should provide the needed loan facilities, through the National Investment Bank (NIB) for example and encourage co-operatives and partnerships that will pull resources and expertise together to promote
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