Pros And Cons Of Gps Vehicle Tracking System

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The Ultimate Guide to GPS Vehicle Tracking System Without any doubt, you will be able to say that GPS vehicle tracking system is one of the most wonderful inventions ever happened. Today, businesses are able to reap profits and improve their bottomline by using the vehicle tracking system. The GPS vehicle tracking system is a boon to so many industries that deal with fleets. Major Features Affordable Receive timely alerts or notification Anti-theft system Geo-fencing Customised apps Some of you might wonder why should you spend such a huge amount of money on installing the vehicle tracking system. Here are certain reasons that explain you why a tracking system is beneficial for your business. Benefits of using GPS vehicle tracking…show more content…
Let's check out more about it. Here follows the list of pros and cons of the GPS vehicle tracking system: Pros and cons of a GPS vehicle tracking system Pros: Track drivers You will be able to get the precise location of each driver. This information can be very much useful to you, especially when you run a delivery business. You can respond to your customer queries at the right time without much delay. Customers will be satisfied when they are able to know the right location of their delivery and its Estimated Time of Arrival(ETA). Better driving When your drivers know that their vehicle mileage, speed, and fuel consumption is being monitored via a tracking system, they tend to be more careful in driving. Hence, they will never try to misuse the vehicle for personal purposes and save money for your business. Safety It is true that a tracking system helps to ensure safety. When tou install a vehicle tracking sytem, you will be able to find out the exact location of your vehicles and handle emergency…show more content…
Two components are essential for a GPS car tracking system- a GPS receiver and a wireless antenna that proffer vehicle location details from the device to the needed person. Here are 9 steps that helps you to easily install a GPS car tracking system : Step 1: At first, you have to open gear console and pull out fuel metre wire so that you can check fuel consumption Step 2: Then note the voltage reading for both half and empty tank. Make sure that you keep on running the engine Step 3: Metre wire is removed from gear console so that you can attach it to a GPS device Step 4: Ensure that the earthing wire is attached to the device before connecting metre wire to GPS car tracking gadget Step 5: Take out the GPS console and examine all its three sockets. Usually a car tracking device will have GPS antenna, fuel, and power auxiliaries Step 6: All the three wires- fuel wire, earthing wire, and a wire to the car battery are connected to a socket Step 7: The key motive of using a car tracking system is to track the car without the knowledge of driver. Hence, it is better to keep it behind the glove

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