Pros And Cons Of Greywater

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Contrary to those that oppose the implementation of greywater recycling into society, there are many that believe it is a cost-efficient and feasible process which has many beneficial effects. By reusing greywater, one is able to reduce the amount of freshwater needed to supply a household as well as reduce the volume of waste water that enters sewer systems. Contrary to the beliefs of those that oppose greywater, “the recycling of greywater can save one a lot of money” ("Pros and Cons of Popular Water Storage Containers”). With water costs rising, many people who choose to use greywater actually have lower monthly water bills compared to those that only use fresh water. Using greywater also reduces the need for expensive water supply sources…show more content…
Because of its simplicity, a greywater recycling system is the best way to preserve and recycle water. It is a manageable system that can be operated by all people and even businesses around the world. Greywater can be “used untreated, or it can be treated to varying degrees to reduce nutrients and disease-causing pathogens” (“Pros and Cons of Grey Water”). The appropriate uses of greywater depend on both the source of greywater and the level of treatment. A greywater recycling system can “reduce one’s water usage by about 50%” so in theory, one could potentially cut their water bills in half as well as reduce their water footprint ("What Are the Benefits of Water Conservation?”). These facts positively answer the question of whether or not greywater is cost-effective as it demonstrates that not only does this recycled water help to cut back on the amount of water used in a household, but it also saves users thousands of dollars, if not more, over the years. Greywater has been proven to be a very safe way of recycling water. There is not a single documented case of an illness in the developed world caused through greywater. Overall, the many benefits to using greywater outweigh the few negatives. This simple process provides society with a recycling and management system that is both feasible and cost-effective. Greywater usage will become an everyday common practice around the globe if societies want to continue to survive and
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