Essay On Guns In School

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Elementary school students meander about in the hallway chattering about the

multiplication tables or which guy or girl is the cutest in the grade, meanwhile, a boy

around the age of 18 walks up to school, large face trembling, eyes popping out of

his sockets, legs shaking like a madman’s, and one hand holding an assault rifle

behind his back. Once the viewing of this video scenario was over kids ran home to

their parents shouting, “Mom I need a gun to protect myself at school” . Parents

obviously seeking only to protect their children will proceed to buy their child an

assault rifle as humble means of protection. The problem faced with guns in

schools is that not all parents can afford to go out and buy an AR-15 for their
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Families who cannot afford

to provide their child with an AR-15 will be free to participate in a gun drive, where

kids can come and pick the weapon of their choice for school free of charge. The gun

drive is like Christmas for families because this kind- hearted charity offers a small

gift in the form of protection for their children in school.

Opposition to the gun drive will most definitely be present. The voices of

school resource officers or administration may argue that more guns on campuses

will lead to a greater chance of violence, but these groups of people are hardly

qualified to speak on the issue of firearms . The notion that all students in all grade

levels will be carrying around an assault rifle can be called absurd and a greater

threat to a school environment. Those who do not support the gun drive believe that

only qualified people should be allowed to possess a firearm, but that does go

against the Constitution where ALL men have a right to bear arms. One opposing

claim is that guns are weapons of violence and should not be given out as charity.
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