Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Should guns be banned because some people use them in the wrong way? What if a gun could potentially save someone’s life by being used in the right way. What if it was used to provide food for the family? So why punish everyone who owns guns that does not use them in the wrong way? There are multiple reasons gun control laws will not work. Here are a few, in 1994, there was a ban on eighteen different assault rifles in the United States. There were too many ways around the system, which never decreased mass shootings from 1994-2004. There are roughly 10 guns for every 9 people that live in the United States, so that makes it impossible for the government to buy all the guns back from the citizens. Multiple studies show that most mass shooters did not purchase the gun legally and if guns were to be banned there will still be thousands of guns around in the United States illegally owned. Even if the government took back all guns, what about knives or even cars that could be considered a deadly weapon? So therefore, it would be nearly impossible to put an end to violence in America and there will likely never be peace, because someone will always disagree with someone else this would result in a argument where someone will pull out a weapon. There are many ways to hurt people in this world, most of the violence right now is coming from guns, but if guns were removed from this country, criminals will result to other weapons. Even if they were to remove all weapons from this

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