Pros And Cons Of Guns On Campus

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Should teachers be allowed fire arms on campus? That question is the argument of the century. Allowing teachers to be armed on campus definitely has pros and cons. School shootings in our country have brought up the discussion of arming our teachers. Our country is split over the effects that would come out of letting the teachers train to bring fire arms on campus. Giving teachers weapons could turn out well, they would have a way to protect themselves and their students if something happened. On the other hand, giving a teacher a weapon in the classroom could turn out to be an accident that could have been prevented if teachers had not been allowed fire arms in school. Many scenarios could take place if teachers were to be armed. Jimmy Dorney and his staff recently began putting teachers through actual law enforcement training in addition to…show more content…
"”This is a dangerous overreaction to a non problem," says Brian Siebel, an attorney at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. He points out that school shootings are extremely rare. Less than 1 percent of children who are killed by someone else are attacked at school. "Putting guns into those classrooms increases the risk that the guns might be taken and misused," Siebel says (OneFile 16).” People think that advertising the guns in school will give students the idea of taking them and causing unwanted problems. “Taking a gun into a school creates a security risk that wasn't there before, gun control advocates say. What if a child gets hold of a teacher's gun and thinks it's a toy? What if a student or teacher gets angry and knows a gun is in reach? There is no time to cool down (OneFile 16).” There are so many questions that go along with this country wide argument. Yet, there is not even close to enough answers to resolve the problem. The scenarios of the children grabbing the gun/weapon and making a violent move are putting the whole situation on
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