Pros And Cons Of Harley Davidson

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UMESH MISRA MKT 6301 HARLEY DAVIDSON 1. A description of what you believe to be the key issue(s)/challenge(s) facing this organisation and justification. Marketing issues/challenges: • One of the marketing issues faced by Harley Davidson was, should they continue to sponsor posse rider or not. Crafting Posse ride in such a way that the company can capitalize on its success and its profit making potential. Evaluating HOG’s role in shaping the society for Harley Davidson brand and the company’s strategy in getting new customer base and HOG’s role in doing so. 2. a) The pros and cons of alternative solution 1 to address these marketing issues/challenges. The first alternative solution is that Harley Davidson should sponsor next Posse Ride with a large number of rider taking part by increasing the number of applicants that can register. But the increase in the number of applicant must not be very large .The itinerary must be decided keeping everybody review in mind, Harley Davidson Management, Showroom managers and the riders themselves. They should provide different facilities on route keeping in mind requirements mentioned by riders. Pros of Alternative 1: • As number of applicants registering for the ride increases, customer satisfaction also increases. • It can bring in large market share which result in large revenue for the company. • Customer feedbacks very important for company’s growth. • Better services and product can be provided id customer feedback are

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