Pros And Cons Of Having A Small Government

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Government will always change. Tom Gallagher declared, “For most of the past twenty years there has been a trend toward smaller government, but now it appears that the trend has reversed. Such trends and their reversals appear to have more to do with society's perceived needs than with electoral politics.” Gallagher is a member of the republican party and is a politician from the state of Florida. People tend to want the opposite of what they get. This is why government will always change. Congress and presidents will try to satisfy the people. There are pros and cons to having a small government, while the same goes for having a big government. Small government is pretty much the same as saying limited government. People that want small government…show more content…
The biggest thing that people like about a small government is that it will lower taxes. Since the government is less involved and there are fewer regulations the government has no power to tax. While Madrick thinks a big government will save the economy, David Boaz says the opposites, Boaz is the Executive Vice President of the Cato Institute. He is also a key member of the libertarian movement. David Boaz is a leading authority on domestic issues like education choice and drug legalization. He proclaims, “In the current economic crisis, our first task is to understand it and its causes. This was a crisis caused by regulations, subsidization, and intervention, and it won’t be cured by more of the same.” Boaz is talking about the economy. He thinks that the government has intervened and set too many regulations that people had to follow. The government started with the power resting with the people, basically a small government. Boaz talks about respect to the founding principles throughout the hard times. Patrick Garry is a law professor and is an author to non-fictional books. Patrick M. Garry reported, “Congress has been unable to handle the powers it has been given, and therefore has acted irresponsibly by catering to the parochial interests critical to the reelection efforts of individual members.” This quote is self-explanatory, but Garry is saying that the government has too much power and they abused it. The politicians vote for things that will benefit them not things that will be good for the nation. With a smaller government stuff like this would be less likely to
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