Pros And Cons Of Health Tourism

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Health tourism is a growing trend nowadays. It boasts about something that many other types of tourism would like to boast about. It has an annual growth of 20% in Spain and it is expected to generate more than 1000 million of euros by 2020.(Belinchón, 2017)

Spain and more specifically, the Balearic Islands, have been trying to become a successful health destination since many years ago.

In fact, many strategies have been carried out. One of the most important is
Plan Nacional Integral de Turismo (2012-2015). It is a public policy which believes that health tourism can improve the quality of tourism in Spain.
Regarding the Balearic Islands, one of the most successful collective agreements and partnerships is the Foro Innovación sobre asistencia sanitaria, turismo y salud, which gathers together different professionals of the tourism sector. Despite conducting several strategies, it seems the Balearic Islands are not attaining their objectives.

This work analyzes health tourism from different perspectives, but focusing on the cardiologic part. It does analyze as well the pros and cons of this type of tourism and suggests strategies that could be carried on to fully implement health tourism on the Balearic Islands.


The objective of this project is to shed some light on the perspectives of Health tourism in Mallorca, look into the causes which prevent this type of tourism from being fully developed on the islands, suggest different measures to

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