Pros And Cons Of Hemp

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It 's impossible to watch a political debate without hearing about conflict. Both parties seem eager to discuss Americas current predicament. Some of they 're solutions appear to be more logical than others. Military vehicles and weaponry are often mentioned in the discussion. Some candidates have suggested that these components are out of date. The good news is that America doesn 't have to spend millions if not billions replacing it. They can build new ones on American soil for much less. Even climate change denying political candidates are forced to acknowledged the subject. Green is the magic word and it doesn 't get any greener than Hemp. The plant is the poster child for environmentally friendly sustainability. The Army 's usage of the plant could save…show more content…
Current vehicles and weaponry utilized by the army look menacing and expensive. According to a 2015 Peter G Peterson Foundation article ,the United State 's military budget is $610 Billion in 2015. Utilizing Hemp instead would dramatically reduce the cost. A price point that would be much easier to stomach. The plant alternative is clearly the way to go. Not to mention it 's able to replenish it 's self extremely easy. Hemp is affordable and green it 's hard to argue with that. According to remains legal in 26 countries include nearby Canada. A huge momentum shift would occur if America and they 're allies began growing Hemp for the war. Ironically farmers were instructed to do just that during World War two. Soldiers don 't only walk around in the battlefield. For various reasons they 're required to seek out a shelter. Many if not all of they 're options aren 't as durable as Hemp. The plant can be transformed into actual bricks. Which like they 're none Cannabis counterparts can be used to build structures. A bridge dating back to 500-751 A.D. in France made from Hemp herds and lime petrifies was once found
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