Pros And Cons Of Hillary Clinton Essay

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Have you thought about who you’ll vote for this coming up election? And if you have, did you think about the the pros and cons? Today I will be talking about why Hillary Clinton would make a good candidate to vote for. I believe Hillary Clinton is the best candidate because she supports disability rights, LGBT, and women’s rights. Clinton is the candidate I endorse for the 2016 presidential election since I believe she can make a change happen in today 's society. Another candidate I’d vote for would Jill Stein if it wasn’t for Hillary Clinton. I will be explaining the following reasons in my paragraphs. First of all, “Hillary is committed to realizing the promise of the ADA and continuing to expand opportunity for all Americans.” I believe this a good thing because it 's…show more content…
All people should be treated equally no matter their race, gender, or status therefore this issue is relevant. This matters to me because many women are struggling and not getting treated equally therefore Clinton is fighting for a change. “Too often, these are called women’s issues. Well, I am a proud lifelong fighter for women’s issues, because I firmly believe what’s good for women is good for America. … As far as I’m concerned, any issue that affects women’s lives and futures is a women’s issue.”( -HILLARY CLINTON, SEPTEMBER 5, 2015 Finally, when voting take in notice and get informed well about your candidates. As for Clinton, voting for her there will be more rights disabled people, LGBT rights and equality, and women 's rights and equality. These reasons make Hillary be a perfect candidate to vote for since she is opening many doors for disabled people, giving and protecting LGBT rights and giving women equal rights as
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