Hip Resurfacing Advantages And Disadvantages

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Total Hip Resurfacing

With the evolution in advancement in the medical field, the old practiced of hip resurfacing is no longer active. The process is lined in such manner that the hip bone is capped and reframed through metal prosthesis. This surgery has an advantage over traditional means as the hip socket is secured by means of metal cup. It also helps in lasting longer and little discharge of metal ions during surface rubbing. There is also a note to mark that inferior releasing of metal ions during surgery does not cause any challenges for health of the individual.

Hip resurfacing through Computer navigation

Hip resurfacing through computer navigation is the process where high end cameras are equipped for the surgery. The cameras take
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Other possible advantages count as a less probability of hip dislocation which is there due to great dimension femoral head (given that patient has the right amount of femoral head), and an easy access of unique bones with the surgeons.
Metal wear, fractures of femoral necks and hygiene issues that results in uninfected surgery are some of the disadvantages these surgery features. As the femoral neck is totally conserved during the operation, differences in leg length of the patients is also be witnessed. THR consequences in toe-out or toe-in or faults. These are also ended because the femoral neck is kept untouched. These are some of the advantages of hip resurfacing over THR.

The symptoms
Symptoms that require special attention for this hip resurfacing are-
• Fragile hip
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Similarly when a patient is diagnosed with the hip damaging and is about to undergo this hip resurfacing surgery should become extra responsible. All the medicines and drugs should be taken time to time. Surgeon’s advices and therapies should also be followed in regular intervals and under proper guidance. Regular check-ups should be key factor before and after the surgery.
Ultimately doctors are the one who are going to perform this surgery. Case studies related to these surgeries has proven that the success and failure of these operational practises are entirely centred on proper positioning of hip resurfacing device. So along with better hospitals and modern tools choosing of experienced surgeon is also equally important for the surgery.

Current studies have proven that the result of a hip resurfacing is totally based on surgeon’s expertise and that correct positioning of hip resurfacing devices is very vital. So, additionally with assuring that a proven tool is utilized, patients must take care in choosing a surgeon with expertise and a first-class track record.


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