Pros And Cons Of Hitler Youth

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Hitler managed to captivate and motivate an entire country by using propaganda, the youth, and the power, to make the entire population of Germans hate Jews. Hitler succeeded indoctrination of the German peoples, in many ways. The main form of indoctrination was the Hitler Youth. Hitler believed that children could be totally indoctrinated in their education. Using propaganda was a crucial part for acquiring and maintaining power. Propaganda made sure to make Jews look like the villain in the German people eyes. Hitler and his army were able to brainwash his whole nation into accepting the idea of committing mass genocide. To captivate German and get his message out, Hitler started a new idea: German Youth. According to the article “The Structures…show more content…
In “Nazi Germany,” the author says “Posters were used to attract more members and membership rose from 5,000 in 1925 to 25,000 in 1930. When the Nazis came to power in 1933 other youth groups were forcibly merged into the Hitler Youth by the end of 1933, membership stood at just over two million” (“Nazi Germany”). In just eight years Hitler rose to power in Germany and got a whole nation to follow him. According to “The Structures of Control in the Nazi State,” “Hitler introduced many policies and measures to ensure the Nazis remained in control, once he declared himself Führer. These measures dealt with political opponents, as well as ordinary people, who suddenly found their private, social and working lives controlled by the Nazis” (“The Structures of Control in the Nazi State”). Hitler made sure that everything in Germany was controlled by him, he monitored every move that was made or every word that was exchanged. In “The Hitler Youth and the Indoctrination of German Children,” Robert Wilde states that, “Hitler wished to co-ordinate every aspect of German life, to transform Germany into the idealized Volk, and more practically to assure his control” (Wilde). Hitler made sure that he would stay in control and to do that he had to influence Germany into clones of
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