Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling

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Are you are considering home schooling for religious, scholastic, or social reasons? These tips can help you make an informed decision. They are taken from our experiences and those of friends.

10 pros for Catholic homeschooling:

You know the teacher. Most teachers in elementary and high schools are hard-working dedicated teachers who do a good job. But this is not always the case. Depending on where you live or just the luck of the draw you may end up with a teacher who is not up to par. As a homeschooling parent this is not something that you have to worry about.
Support groups. There are many good Catholic homeschool groups that can help guide you into your journey in homeschooling. You can learn many things in these homeschool groups.
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Home schooling allows you the flexibility to work on schooling in ways that you might not have imagined. You can take family trips without missing school for example. If certain times of the day work better than others, there 's nothing to stop you from doing that.
Health. Oftentimes schools become a breeding ground for germs. Diseases get transferred from one student to the next. Your homeschool students won 't be exposed to this as much as other children.
Increased amount of time spent together. This is a fairly obvious point but the opportunities for bonding are increased because you will be spending more time with your children.
Peer pressure. Your children will be hearing your values much more than the values of their peers because of the amount of time they spend with you and with other homeschoolers who share the same values.
Direct involvement. Many teachers often say that one of the best indicators of a child 's success in school is how involved his parents are. You can 't get more involved in a child 's education than homeschooling.
Individualized curriculum. Even in a good school you may run into one or two classes that are not very good. This may be because of a poor choice of textbook or method of study that is not well suited to your child. As a homeschooler you are free to tailor your child 's education to suit his particular
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