Pros And Cons Of Hosting The Olympics

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Hosting The Olympics The Olympic Games is worldwide event extended throughout the world. This international phenomenon is traditionally held every four years. The Summer and Winter Games are alternating games occurring every four years but two years apart. The creation of the iconic Olympics was inspired by the ancient Olympic Games that were held in Olympia, Greece, taking place in the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. Throughout the years, different countries have organized the events for the universal game. From hosting, there are three considerable cons to hosting the Olympics in your country. The consequence of these controversies damages the country economically. The development of the Olympics have advanced traumatically since first the modern day game held in 1896. A copious amount of wealth have been invested into previous games. Namely the investments inquired remain overdue after the games. During the 2016 games, The seaside city Rio de Janeiro, debate over the costs and benefits of hosting such a mega-event. A year passing, the city still struggles with debt in result of maintenance costs for abandoned facilities. In response, Candidate cities for future games withdraw their bids or scale down their plans. Further topics and statements are the additional cost to the economy. In result of the event costs, the hosting city’s local taxpayers income is affected. The average amount of money spent on hosting is rounded to 4.6 billion dollars, previous cities

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