Human Cloning: A Dangerous Invention

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HUMAN CLONING-A Dangerous Invention

Cloning is an advance technological invention for producing a genetic twin of living things, an organism that starts life with the same gene as its parent. The main phenomenon taking place behind this process is in mammal, DNA is taken from adult animal and then it is inserted into an egg cell from another animal. This egg then divides into an embryo. The embryo is then transported into a surrogate mother and grown to term. It is of two types:
1) Non-reproductive: such as DNA research; research on human reproduction and infertility; research on aging and on cogenesis; possible production of cloned human tissues and organs to be used in medical experiments and organ transplant.
2) Reproductive: producing
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This experiment has only 5% chance to get success. So the first argument against human cloning is straightforward and widely shared: it is dangerous. Here genetic screening is used with cloned human embryos and any embryo that does not pass will be killed. So the opponents of human cloning say that an embryo at any stage of development is a human life, worthy of protection and any kind of research that entails destroying an embryo is immoral, unethical, no matter how worthy the intent may be. It involves using human beings as means; it turns human into commodities and fosters a culture of…show more content…
In this film it was showed, how a man cloned his DNA with various other animals and as a result he was successful in creating new animals having some extra ordinary features which is done by the process of cloning. So, if it will continue then people will someday become animals too. Yes, it has various advantages like it provides treatment against spinal injuries, heart diseases and other things also. But it is not that much worthy.
Like a coin, cloning has its two sides. Human cloning also has its two aspects. But it has more negative aspects than positive aspects. Like in this film, a man cloned various animals and used them for destruction purposes. Likewise, scientist have also started talking about designer baby, which made it theoretically possible to have a engineer child genetically with added height, intelligence and even removing defective gene or disabilities such as alcoholism, cystic

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