Pros And Cons Of Human Population

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Introduction Does human population growth affect our world? This has been an ethical dilemma for scientists for many years, and it seems they don’t have any solution to it yet. Human population growth has brought a lot of effect on our world, negative and positive impact. It depends on the environment of the specific area, for example, if an area is under populated, it will need population growth to have the man power in that area ( Aiex, 1994).If the area is overpopulated, population growth will be hazardous because there will have scarce resources in that particular area. In this essay, I will discuss two sides of the dilemma examining each position (pro and cons) critically. Does human growth have effects on our world? Pros  Growth population brings a lot of minds into action. When there are a lot of people, for example like 10 billion people in the world. There will be 10 billion minds trying to figure out for the solution to the problems human beings face. This will also ensure there is advanced technology over the years because of the work of many…show more content…
Lowering human growth should be set as a first priority by all the nations in this world. There has been a claim that there is population growth of 2% percent in every year. So it means there will be an increase of 2 billion people in the year of 2030.This is very risky in both developing and developed countries. In developing countries, because there are not enough resources to support this population, there will be famine and increased criminal doings which will increase high mortality rate. In developed countries, there will be immigration of people from these developing countries, some of them being refugees. This will add their government an extra cost will lower economic growth in these developed countries (Hubler,
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