Benefits Of Human Resource Planning

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In today’s era, every business requires human resource for the efficient working of the company. Human Resource is a group of individuals that work together as a workforce in an organization. These individuals are usually responsible for the execution of different functions and operations carried out in a company. They are a vital part of every organization and are also considered the base of it. If any organization lacks in the management of human resource it may lead to many difficulties like employee dissatisfaction, unclear goals etc. Human Resource Management refers to the policies and practices concerned with the effective use of people/ individuals (human resource) to accomplish individual as well as organizational goals. It helps the employees to contribute with their maximum efforts for the company.
Rohan works as the Sr. Executive in HR Department in a construction company. It has been a practice in his organization that whenever there is a shortfall of human resources a
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Benefits of Human Resource Planning:
1. Fulfilling Requirement:
Human Resource Planning enables the organization to always keep a balance or fulfill the present and future requirements so the functioning of the organization does not gets affected. For example: If, the company had a track of all the employees, they will not have to go through the process of immediate recruitment. As the process of immediate recruitment is quite fast and chaotic.
2. Right Placing:
Human Resource Planning helps in placing the right individuals at the right job, at the right time, which helps the organization to temper different changes in trends, technology and economics inflations etc. For example: If the Human Resource of the company has a proper planning g at each stage they can reduce the risks of fluctuations that may arise immediately and can effect the working of employees.
3. Performance
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