Hydroelectric Energy Essay

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Hydroelectric energy, also known as hydroelectricity, is defined as energy generated by moving water converted to electricity. Hydroelectric energy can be traced thousands of years back to Ancient Rome, where flowing water was used to turn turbines in order to grind grains and make flour. Actually deriving a source of energy can be attributed to watermills, which were usually built by the side of a river to have a constant provision of water. The energy generated by watermills powered a large spectrum of activities such as “ […] grinding grain, cutting lumber, or creating hot fires to create steel.” (Hydroelectric Energy) According to the National Geographic’s webpage dedicated to hydroelectric energy, in order to truly exploit energy from flowing water, the first requirement is to control the water. This entails building a large reservoir, which is usually done by damming a river and creating an artificial lake, allowing the water to then flow through tunnels in the dam. The running water propels turbines into action; which then activate the generator, producing electricity. Engineers are in charge of controlling and supervising the amount of water that is allowed to flow through the dam. Overall, hydroelectric energy is an…show more content…
These threats include but are not limited to severe health problems, engineering and safety problems, loss of unique resources, the relocation of indigenous people, and water quality
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