Icd 10 Research Paper

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ICD-10 Positive Movements ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) is a positive move for both the medical community and the patient, even though ICD-10 implementation was a slow moving process. For the medical community ICD-10 makes coding much easier for the doctors and physicians, while giving them a better reputation because the coding is now up-to-date. ICD-10 has 71,924 codes with 7 characters alpha or numeric, numbers 0-9, and letters A-H, J-N, P-Z. (Services, 2015) ICD-10 is giving doctors a greater reputation due to the more accurate coding the coders are giving. These codes tell the complete story of the patients illness making them want to return. These codes are also giving more information they can reduce error, improve in health care, and give the appropriate reimbursement. (Services, 2015) Many people were worried about the security that ICD-9 was giving but ICD-10 is up-to-date with the system. With the new ICD-10 it can now track and analyze new clinical…show more content…
The United States has been using ICD-9 since 1979. In 1979 there was no real security or protection in doctors’ offices and they did not have as many rules as we do today. So you can see hoe ICD-9 was old and we needed to upgrade. ICD-10 can track public health records to make it much easier on coders. This also means that it improved data for epidemiological research. (Ahima, 2015) Not only did ICD-10 do all of that but it did so much more, like measuring outcomes and care provided to patients. Making new clinical decisions along with identifying fraud and abuse to save patients information. No one understood the value of ICD-10 until it came out. With ICD-10 having greater accuracy, higher quality, improved efficiencies and lower costs and, reduced errors it made the medical community look easier and safer for
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