Pros And Cons Of Ict In Health Care

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Abstract This paper talks about how information and communication technology (ICT) has impacted the health sector thus improving the health delivery system. The various forms of e-health and their uses are explained. The paper also analysis the pros and cons of information and communication technology (ICT) in the health sector. Keywords: Health sector, Information and communication technology (ICT), Telemedicine Introduction Human body is the most complex entity in the world for which information and knowledge has been collected over thousands of years. Every now and then, new diseases are discovered and even small malfunctions of the body are intervened with. Hence the demand the for healthcare services has increased rapidly over a period…show more content…
Analysis Information Communication Technology (ICT) has tremendously helped in improving the health delivery system. It has become an inevitable part of the health sector. It has opened up new avenues in the health sector. Pros of ICT in the Health Sector • ICT has improved the information flow and made health information more accessible to the public. Today large amounts of user friendly data are available which can keep people well informed about diseases and their cure. It has also facilitated dialogue around major public health threats increasing public involvement and helped people make informed decisions about their own health. • It has also helped in faster scheduling, registration, orientation, admission, re- admission, discharge and transfer from one hospital to another. • It has also bought about more transparency in the system. • It has helped record the entire medical history of patients on just one document thus freeing people from the cumbersome task of searching through huge amounts of…show more content…
Thus increasing the pace of work. • ICT facilitates generation of quick and accurate medical results. Cons of ICT in Health Sector • ICT in health sector is often considered to be expensive, time-consuming and risky. There is decreased human interaction between medical professionals and patients and an increased risk of error when medical services are delivered in the absence of a registered professional. • Appropriate language is frequently neglected in ICT programs and little content is available in local languages for health programs. • Quality and reliability of health information on the internet is sometimes dubious .At times medical information is not shared by private hospitals thus affecting accessibility of information. • Cost of data management equipment and of technical training for medical personnel who will employ it is high. Conclusion ICT can be seen as a powerful change agent for the whole health care sector. It can cater to the healthcare needs of the patients in a better way and help them in improving the overall quality and delivery of healthcare system. ICT has facilitated better health communication. Hospitals now provide higher quality and safer care. If the limitations are overcome ICT can be a boon to the health

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