Pros And Cons Of Illegal Downloading

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[Every year, millions of people worldwide illegally download or stream music without realizing that thirty songs could cost them $675,000 in fines.] Though many supporters of “illegal” electronic file sharing believe that it is not stealing, the reality is that the original creator does not receive payment for their content, businesses receive less financial support, and the downloader has a higher risk of computer viruses from the website they are downloading from. Illegally downloading content and file sharing is very common, but the number of instances doesn’t make it right and people should still be prosecuted for committing this crime.
*First*, Artists take so much time and money for people to illegally download their work or content. The artists use the money that they receive for their content to continue to make music, and other forms of content. Some people do not understand that musicians have to pay for the equipment, the studio time, transportation fees, bills, and food. The money that they use to pay is the money the receive for their content. My favorite quote is “It would be fabulous if I could share my music
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In a survey, someone asked a bunch of teens if they approve or disapprove in illegal downloading media. 88% of the teens said they approve and 12% of teens say they disapprove. Illegally downloading content or streaming could really hurt businesses, but it mostly hurts the music industry. In a graph that shows in millions of people worldwide, what kind of music of files get downloaded, streamed, or shared said that over 111.1 million people illegally downloaded or streamed music in 2010. Think about it this way, the way you are downloading music, a musician won’t have the money to record more music because they do not have the money to get in a lot of studio time, or doesn’t have the money to use

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