Diversity In America

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Having food on the table, a roof over your head, and a job to make ends meet. It is a basic human right. We live in a global era where all people need one another to survive and succeed. Immigrants bring diversity to the United States, along with their cultures, and skills, which help make us stronger as a nation. Without diversity in our society, we would be self-centered, which means we need immigrants. What’s stopping illegal immigrants from coming? The law. The rigorous immigration law came to act in 1965 and it states that in order for an immigrant to come they need to be legally documented in order to be allowed to be in the United States of America. Instead of sending them back to the war-ridden countries that they want to escape from,…show more content…
Most of them come from countries full of poverty and drug violence. They flee the country in hopes for a better life for themselves and their family. Illegal Immigrants not only have to deal with these problems, but are bullied and given very racist comments; such as rapists, terrorists, drug dealers, illegal aliens, and more. In addition, they are always worried about the pay for rent and making sure that they are getting by. Many places in the United States of America help with aiding these immigrants in order for them to have a job and a place to sleep. The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, who addressed to undocumented immigrants “To all those who are, after Tuesday's election, very nervous and filled with anxiety, you are safe in Chicago” (Kotlowitz 1). He even added “Chicago has in the past been a sanctuary city… it always will be a sanctuary city” (Kotlowitz 1). This helps assure undocumented immigrants that there is a place for them in the United States. Another location in the U.S that aids illegal immigrants is the Southside Presbyterian church. The leaders of the church have stated: “The Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona, where the Reverend John Fife announced that his church would protect refugees fleeing the civil wars” (Kotlowitz 1). Over 100 immigrants stay each night and are provided meals, medical care, legal assistance, and English-language learning classes from local…show more content…
It can be said that illegal immigrants are the ones who cause terrorist attacks. One might use 9/11 as an example since the terrorists were illegal immigrants. The attack happened on September 11th, 2001; and took place in the New York World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Washington D.C., according to “The attackers were Illegal terrorists from Saudi Arabia and several other Arab nations. Reportedly financed by the al-Qaeda terrorist organization of Saudi fugitive Osama bin Laden” (CNN). Although 9/11 involved illegal immigrants, there has been no other major terrorist attacks caused by refugees. The following quotation states that “the average likelihood of an American being killed in a terrorist attack in which an immigrant participated in any given year is one in 3.6 million — even including the 9/11 deaths. The average American is more likely to die from their own clothing or a toddler with a gun than an immigrant terrorist” (Qui). This shows that illegal immigrants have a less risk to the American people than the American’s have to themselves. Stephen Paddock was the cause of the Las Vegas massacre shooting that resulted in 605 casualties. He is a prime example of how an American born citizen can cause more harm than illegal
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