Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration: What Are Its Pros and Cons
Individual 2012, there were approximately 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the US that make up over 3% of the total population. This may have something to do with the American dream. After all, the USA has been known throughout history as the ultimate destination when searching for greener pastures. The steady flow of immigrants from all over the world is unlikely to slow down anytime soon which is why America is the most diverse country today. Mexicans make up the majority of unauthorized immigrants in the USA. They share it with immigrants from the Caribbean Africa Asia Middle East Central America, and other parts of the world.
Diverse culture is something that locals can handle as it presents variety and excitement, but not the negative implications that come with it, especially when illegal immigration is involved. Called legal aliens, these immigrants are undocumented or have overstayed their welcome. Despite what the term implies, illegal immigration surprisingly has its share of pros and cons.
List of pros of illegal immigration
Provide cheap labor
Some states in the US such as Texas and California relies heavily on cheap labor provided by immigrant workers. They make ideal employees in various sectors, most especially in agriculture and tourism. Because of inexpensive labor, a lot of business owners are willing to take a chance on unauthorized immigrants. Moreover, such employees take on jobs that most locals would
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