Pros And Cons Of Immigrants

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Immigrants do not only help the economy by increasing the employment rate, they also increase taxpayers that benefits the US economy positively. There are a lot of misconceptions about undocumented immigrants and paying taxes. Many believe that since they are unauthorized immigrants they do not pay taxes. But in reality, many undocumented immigrants do pay taxes just like everyone else. They may not have a legal document that allows them to be in this country, but they find ways to pay for their taxes such as a Fake Social Security Numbers (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification numbers (ITIN) (Immigration and Taxation). Many undocumented immigrants are using false SSN because there are laws set such as Immigration Reform and Control Act, which forbids workers to work without an authorized document or an SSN. The only reason why they use False SSN is that there are laws that forbid them to work and contribute to the US economy. Consequently, this makes it harder for immigrants to not only get a job but it also restricts them from paying taxes. Some immigrants may also use ITINs, its purpose are only for tax filing only. ITINs does not guarantee any legal documents this is only for the ones who don’t have a Social Security Number. ITINs helps undocumented immigrants to file taxes (Immigration and Taxation 5). Through false SSN and ITIN, Undocumented immigrants are able to pay their taxes as well as receive their refunds.This also becomes a way for undocumented immigrants to
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