Pros And Cons Of Immigration Reform

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First, I think it 's cute how you 're dictating what I should think, as if I 'm incapable of developing an knowledgeable opinion. Secondly, before we continue with Immigration reform we have to shut the border and figure out what to do with the people here. Period. The only reason you have to shut the border is due to the welfare state. If there were no welfare state then we could have freeflow of people across the border. You could work, leave, follow the work. There wouldn 't be a net loss in terms of the tax dollar. You would not be paying taxes then taking benefits. You an have one of two things, a welfare state with very restrictive immigration, or you can have a non-welfare state with complete freeflow of immigration. Realistically speaking, We do have a welfare state so.. we have to shut the border instead of incentivising millions more non english speaking, low education, poor, low skill people to cross the border. We have to start enforcing our visas because 40% of illegals have overstayed their visas. Then we figure out to do with the folks here. Whether that is a pathway to citizenship or to legalization that doesn 't become immediate until after the border is secure. Because until the border is secure there is an open invitation to come in because how exactly are where going to tell if you got here yesterday or 10 years ago? There is no way to be able to track that currently.…show more content…
The fact is border security is a must before immigration reform. The fact is you cannot have a freeflow of immigration into a welfare system. It would be as if you had a busted water main, but instead of FIRST attending to the pipe leaking water all over your house you 'd focus on damage control and replace the floors, the dry wall, the electrical WHILE water would be flowing constantly on your work. We can talk immigration reform once the border is
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