Pros And Cons Of Immigration Regulations

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Immigration Regulations Immigration policies can dramatically change the economy of the United States and potentially change our daily lives. Also, relegation on immigration will easily result in changes on cultural and religious diversity and will ultimately affect everyone. Immigration is a huge topic in the United States and made the country what it is now. With numerous controversies, people are debating whether undocumented workers should be able to live without the fear of getting deported. Immigration is a huge topic in the United States and made it the country that it is now. Cultural diversity is actually a good thing to have in a nation, we were all immigrants at one point, undocumented workers work well with more skilled workers…show more content…
They are unskilled workers, for the most part, and instead of taking away jobs of the well paid and skilled workers, they help them. Undocumented workers actually work rather well with other skilled workers by dividing up and completing tasks among their skill levels. Since undocumented workers don’t compete with skilled workers, then there shouldn’t be much of the hate going on in this nation against immigration. Immigration offers both a major pro and a major con on the economy. The pro is that many immigrants are entrepreneurs and tend to bring value to the economy, in which raises the GNP. However, the con is that immigrants tend to compete for unskilled jobs against unskilled citizens. That does not deny the tremendous value that immigrants, many of them entrepreneurs, bring to the economy. In fact, a hefty proportion of foreigners entering America have high levels of education and are moving directly into the nation 's suburbs and professional classes. ``The net effect of immigration is still that it raises the GNP, ' ' says Harvard economist Richard Freeman, co-author of the NBER report. The point, says Freeman, is that immigration, like free trade, probably hurts the minority of Americans who directly compete with newcomers, even as it benefits the majority who enjoy, among other things, lower prices on everything from clothes to restaurant meals
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